7 Benefits of Using Google+ For Your Business


In this social media world, it can be hard to figure out what’s the best way to utilize each platform for your business. One of the newer players to the game is Google+, while over 340 million individuals are taking advantage of the platform.


7 benefits of using Google+ for your business


1. It’s Your Personal Access to the Outside World

Google+ gives you a level of authority and ownership of your page. That means that you are the owner of your individualized page. This can be great for if you’re really trying to establish your brand among consumers. It also provides a special opportunities for smaller businesses who don’t need a complex website to use Google+ as their webpage.

2. Google+ Local

Local pages allow for users in your area to review businesses and places they’ve visited. It’s similar to Yelp in its review capacity, but with the feature of a social network behind the local pages, you’ll get even more exposure from it. Google+ is mandatory if you want to show up in local results on Google.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Google+ can gain you exposure on the Google search engine as well. If you’re unsure about what hashtags to use, Google+ will even suggest hashtags to include in your updates, which can make your job a lot easier.

4. Cover Photos

Similar to Facebook, Google+ has the option for a cover photo, which can be a very fun way to personalize your brand and also promote your new sales or products. Be sure to make your cover photo as large as possible to really personalize it. You can add your brand’s location or even highlight a contest you’re running.

5. Host a Google+ Hangout

A Google+ hangout is basically the new version of a webinar for your business. You can hold a video streaming with an unlimited amount of users joining in to host online seminars, virtual shareholder meetings – whatever you want! The best part about these hangouts is you can also link them to your YouTube page, to attract even more viewers. It’s one of the most useful features of Google+.

6. Google+ Communities

Like fan pages on Facebook, Google+ communities come in wide varieties. Try joining a community or suggest a type of community for your users to attract a new audience or expand on your original one. The more visible you are on Google+, the more fans you’ll attract. If you’re worried about spam from the community feature, don’t. Google+ has the best spam tracker on all of the social network sites.

7. Rel=Publisher

If your company has a blog it’s critical to join the entire website to Google+ through rel=publisher. Not only will this add an awesome image next to your website in the search results, but there are other special privileges to connecting with rel=publisher and rel=author that can help your page rank.
Are you using Google+ for your business, already?

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