6 Years of Hot in Social Media

Hot in Social Media has 6 years old today. I remember as it was yesterday when I launched this digital marketing blog on a very special day: 12.12.12 (December 12, 2012).

This month (December 2018) we change the design of our blog and we make it cleaner and simpler to use, especially on mobile devices. What is your opinion about our new web design? I really appreciate if you can write us a sincere opinion about our new design on the comment section below this article.

In a few days, I’ll publish 2 articles about “Social Media Video Experts Roundup 2019” and it will be the first time when we’ll have a video roundup with answers from a couple of great digital marketing experts that you really have to listen if you are serious about digital marketing in 2019!

In the last 12 months, all the numbers of this blog had an organic increased which is very good. We have a long way in order to make this blog the top referent in the digital marketing field but we will get there someday because our main focus is quality and not quantity.

Below you can find a couple of HotinSocialMedia.com statistics

6 Years of Hot in Social Media Statistics

75.000+ followers from all our channels

2.700+ images

1.100+ articles

240+ contributors

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Which are your favorite articles from the list above?