6 Types of ‘Write My Essay’ Services We Face on the Internet

When I am looking for a service to write my paper for me, I notice that there are a few services I come across from bad to good. These services vary in nature. Do you know different services that are out there? If not, see what they are, and how you can identify them!


6 Types of ‘Write My Essay’ Services We Face on the Internet


1. Cheaters and Frauds

Services that I have run into when looking for someone to write my essay were cheaters and frauds. These types of services will advertise having quality writers and papers, but be the complete opposite. Often enough, they don’t provide custom work. Instead, you can expect to receive a paper they have downloaded for free. In most cases, the paper is of poor quality, so it is not even good to use it as a sample (it is a plagiarized work). These services have something in common – outlandishly cheap prices. It’s not a bad thing to look for the best deal, but if “bargain” prices are below the average rates, it’s probably too good to be true.

2. Well-Known and Pricy

Another essay writing service that you will face is a well-known company. This type of service may be popular in national and/or global measures. The service didn’t become popular for no reason. The quality of work is more likely to be of high standards, directions are followed well, papers are submitted in a timely manner, and nothing is plagiarized. The downside is that their fame will cost more because they know people will pay them since the company’s name is “branded” amongst other writing services. Although it is worth paying more for good work as choosing the cheapest rates gives you “the work you have paid for”, there is no reason to pay top prices for a company’s fame.

3. Competitively Affordable

The best services I have ever faced to write my essay are the ones that are competitively affordable. These companies charge rates that are not suspiciously low or incredibly high. Rather, they center around an average medium of rates from other legitimate services and may mark their prices slightly down to make them competitive. Since they are a legitimate company, papers are free of plagiarism and have high quality. A good example of such services is WritePro.net, where prices are fair, work meets high standards, and the business is client-oriented.

4. Bad Reviewers

As you search for a writing service online, you are going to run into bad reviewers. Poorly-rated companies are just as they sound; services with bad reviews. Now, it’s not practical for a service to receive only positive reviews because it may seem questionable. In fact, only positive reviews can be a sign of dishonest or paid ratings! However, a service that has mostly bad reviews often got them for a number of reasons. This can include plagiarism, missed deadlines, unfair prices, poor customer service, low quality, and more. Mainly bad reviews are a red flag that you will probably experience one or more issues with the service.

5. Automatic Assigners

Amongst the different kinds of services, you are more likely to face automatic assigners. Obviously, when you hire a writing service, a specific writer or expert from that service will complete your assignment. Services that are automatic assigners will choose the writer to work on your order on their own. This is a fast way to get your paper assigned because you don’t have to take time to do a selection process. However, this may be a characteristic you might not like since you have no control over who is working on the project. Of course, you could complain if you feel the writer is inadequate, but any reassigning will be handled by the service.

6. Free Rangers

Finally, the last service you will face is free rangers. Free ranger sites are the opposite of automatic assigners – you can choose your writer. Often, your assignment is put on an open job forum on the site. The site’s writers can bid for your assignment, allowing you to choose whom you prefer, and you can often look through writers’ profiles – inviting them to bid on your order. This is more common than services that automatically assign writers because clients appreciate being able to know who are hired for their papers. The downside is that the selection process can be time-consuming. It’s not a good idea to immediately hire the first writer who applies, and sometimes, you might not find the perfect writer until a day or later after placing the order.
When you are looking for a writing service on the Internet, you will face different types. Use this list to guide you in finding the service that’s right for you!
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