6 Strategies to Enhance Your Social Media Efforts


Successful social media efforts can result in a dramatic increase of positive recognition for a business or brand. Many of these strategies, such as posting engaging updates or replying to a follower’s comment, require no additional resources. However, there are several aspects of the most successful social media marketing campaigns that are easier to accomplish with a few trendy resources. So, if you’re seeking to strengthen your brand or business’ social media success, consider some of the helpful resources and tools below:


1. Analyze Your Competitors’ Social Media Efforts

Social media marketing can be accomplished easier with a reference point, such as the social media characteristics of a successful competitor within your niche. On Twitter, a tool like Twitonomy provides data such as tweets per day, percentage of re-tweets, user mentions and users most re-tweeted. The Simply Measured tool works similarly for Facebook pages, while Social Crawlytics is another multi-platform tool.


2. Track the Popularity of Link Content

Most businesses link to blog posts on their Facebook and Twitter. To truly see if the presentation for these links is effective enough, it’s worth using a link shortening tool like squeezeCMM or Bit.ly to track the number of clicks and how users accessed the content. This way, social media managers can try a variety of strategies to attract attention toward links, eventually finding out which strategy works best for their specific audience.


3. Utilize Blog SEO Tools for Expanded Social Media Reach

Blog SEO tools like Yoast are extremely beneficial for appearing higher on search results, but they also have several social media benefits. By providing the option to set a specific SEO title and meta description, social media marketers can better optimize link previews on Facebook. They can accomplish this by altering the title or description so that it appears more interesting, increasing the likelihood that users will click and engage with it.


4. Make ‘Pin It’ a Common Sight


Pinterest continues to attract a large audience, so it’s only natural for brands and businesses to make embedding images to Pinterest accessible, both on their website and throughout other social media platforms. The jQuery ‘Pin It’ button does the job very well, embedding a noticeable but non-obtrusive ‘Pin It!’ button that increases the likelihood your content will go viral.


5. Prioritize Sharing Accessibility

If a user enjoys a page’s content, they may end up sharing it with friends on social media. Yet, if they can’t find a convenient way to share the content within a few seconds, they may forget about sharing it altogether. To combat this, ensure that shareable buttons are apparent on your site, either above or alongside a blog post. Apps like Flare insert buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more in a visible location, so the content they are accompanying is immediately easier to share.
For example, Flare could help a site like 12 Keys Best Rehab by placing social media buttons above their content, so anyone interested in sharing the rehab center’s origin story or levels of treatment can do so easily.


6. Avoid Dull Titles for Content

Social media efforts are quite contingent on the content the social media page is projecting. So if a social media page is posting links to content with dull titles, it isn’t very effective. To modify titles for the better, search for a title generator tool, which can transform a dull blog post title into a viral-friendly title that will appeal to search engines and social media users alike.
Although there is no single tool that will easily transform a page into social media dominance, using the tools above in addition to sensible social media strategies is likely to result in growing success.

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