6 Major Ideas and Strategies to Make Your Business Videos Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

We all do know and are aware of the fact that online business videos are one of the best ways of reaching the clients and customers. Videos have proven to be effective for a variety of products and services that the organization has been offering. And when it comes to business videos the issue here is how you could create branded videos that would not just be effective but would also help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market. Given below are the six strategies to make your business videos highly effective for your organization.

6 Major Ideas and Strategies to Make Your Business Videos


1. Keeping it short and simple 

While creating business videos for clients and customers you need to make sure that you have content created of 140 characters like Twitter. Our generation span is getting shorter and shorter which means it’s the right time to tighten the content of your business video before it goes online. In a research study conducted by the Newyork times 19% of the individuals left watching the videos immediately after 10 seconds, and by 1 minute the video had actually lost staggering 44% of the viewers.

2. Giving it a proper title and description

Have a clear title and description for your business video to be ahead of your competitors. Have keywords involved that you think would be by the individuals to find your business video. Remember only the first 25 – 30 characters are visible in the search engine so have it interesting enough making it a reason for others to come and click on your business videos.

3. Sticking to the time

If you want your business videos to go viral then this is the right time that you brush on the current business events. And by hooking into the existing internet meme or popular topics around you could easily increase the odds of the entire content that would be viewed and shared by those who found the topic to be most interesting. This could also be anything to the current event happening around the world, or a topic dominating the news.
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4. Tagging them wisely

Have relevant keywords being added into your videos. When individuals search for videos online say for example on YouTube, the results here would be displayed on the basis of tags associated in your business videos. Another best example here could be if you are a band, then have the band name repeated in the title, the description and the tag. Proper tagging would not just make your business videos easy enough to find but would also improve your search engine ranking.

5. Promoting your business videos

An organization spend a huge amount to promote the business videos related to the organization. These organizations upload the videos into the new and unbranded YouTube channel with a title and description sharing them on Twitter, making it easy for the others to find your videos. Before promoting your business videos online you need to make sure how does the video look like for your business video strategy, Are you supporting the exposure of paid ads, do you have blogs shared in order to promote your content and many more.

6. Keeping it informative

Remember your audience is always looking out for something that is not just informative but would also help them perform their daily tasks. So if your business video is effective and informative enough then it would definitely be shared. Each and every one of us would want to learn things we might not be aware of and video are one of the best ways of notching information.
So what are your ideas and strategies to make your business video go viral and keeping it ahead of your competitors? Which among the above mentioned tips have turned out to work for you? Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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