5 Ways For Businesses To Maximize the Potential of Instagram


When it comes to doing business, with photos and video content alike being more heavily focused on, it’s difficult to overlook the importance of Instagram. Right from its cool blue aesthetic and cursive font, it’s clear that this social network gives off a more stylized vibe. I would argue that this is an indicator of Instagram’s uniqueness and how it must be approached differently for marketing purposes. Any business that’s familiar with Instagram will be able to say the same.
How can businesses make the most out of Instagram if they have not invested in the website already? In order to have a clearer understanding of how Instagram can be used for business-related endeavors, marketing or not, here are 5 ways to maximize the potential of Instagram.

5 Ways For Businesses To Maximize the Potential of Instagram


1. Have fun with images

Just because you are running a business does not mean that you should stick with this mindset. It is very easy for people to be turned away by the social media pages of businesses because of how reliant they are on advertising. Do not make this mistake. Instead, add some fun pictures to your Instagram page. Show that you aren’t about your own brand alone. Display a sense of enjoyment, as if you are sitting down with a friend as opposed to a client. Fun images are effective for drawing people in and making certain they stay engaged.

2. Take it easy on the filters

Even though you should have fun with the images that you post on Instagram, there is a level of self-control to consider. One of the reasons for this is the presence of filters and how they can change the appearances of certain pictures. For example, a more monochromatic filter might look nice but should every picture look monochromatic? Sometimes you might be better off leaving the photos as they are. Whatever the case may be, don’t abuse filters before posting content on Instagram.

3. Incorporate appropriate hashtags

The functionality of hashtags – not only on Instagram but practically any social media website these days – is to make sure that your posts can be easily searched. However, as any online marketing firm can attest to, you want to make sure that you use the right hashtags as they relate to your business. Let’s say that your interests lie in game design; some common hashtags might be #ps4 or #steam. These will vary, from company to company and it’s up to you to see that the best hashtags are attached to your content.

4. When people follow, follow back

Through your brand name or the kind of content that you showcase, you will start to gain followers on Instagram. What this means is that more individuals will be able to see your posts and, more importantly, stay engaged. However, you do not want this kind gesture to go unnoticed, especially if your business is a smaller one. Follow those who follow you, as this is arguably the greatest sign of recognition. It may also assure that you do not lose out on any followers.

5. Share out content consistently 

Another way to stay engaged and maximize the potential of Instagram, and its users, is to share out relevant posts and stories. Even though this may serve the purpose of educating your fans, though, you should make it a point to share with a certain level of care. The reason for this is because it can be very easy to oversaturate someone’s Instagram feed, which may result in him or her unfollowing your page. It’s important to be consistent with sharing but it’s just as vital to ease off when needed.

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