5 Tips To Use Jelly App For Business


No I don’t mean Jelly, the lear or translucent fruit spread or even the another term for eunuch. I’m about to share a new way to search with pictures and people from your social networks. It’s also people helping each other—something that’s both meaningful and fun.


What is Jelly App?

This app, launched by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, is meant to act as a mobile social network where “If you have a question, there’s somebody out there that will know the answer”. How do you ask your question? Snap a photo of something and ask a related question.


Jelly for my business?

There are different ways to use Jelly app in your marketing strategy. If your Jelly account is linked to your company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, you would be able to answer questions relevant to your area of expertise. Ideally,  your audience will ask questions that you, as a brand could answer, and this will increase your credibility and position yourselves as experts within that area.


1. Answer questions relevant to your area of expertise

A potential customer needs help to mount art on a brick wall? you are a chain of retail home improvement and appliance. Answer the question and you may gain a new and happy visitor.


2. Share your tips and hints


While this may be a bit too simple to be useful, we could easily see Jelly app becoming a place to exchange tips and hints.


3. Establish your brand as experts

Increase your brand position with actively seeking to reply any questions that you are an expert in can really showcase your brand expertise whilst also being helpful.


4. Connect with followers

Your Twitter and Facebook followers are loyal, then you can connect with them via Jelly by starring and answering their questions. First, check the questions of interest you can track. Then, identify a couple of questions you would like you target audience to reply, pick an accurate and appealing image and post online. Make sure you use thank-you cards and follow up by answering back of some questions.


5. Market Research tool

“Here’s an image of a new product, what is your reaction?”

“I am currently thinking about this issue, can you give me some quick feedback?”

market research

Feedback from customer can provide you invaluable data that can be used to focus the development of new products and services. Your fans or followers represent a base ready to respond to any of your queries, and one that’s more likely to take part because they’ve already demonstrated an affinity with your brand.


However, Jelly’s not in brands deep end

Sorry but there is small glitch that limits the ability to use Jelly for your business. So far, you can’t listen and monitor your brand mentions, nor measure engagement. Every time you answered a question, you will be receiving a “thank-you card” without having the ability to analyse the effectiveness of the app as a marketing tool.


Have you tried Jelly App? What are your thoughts?