5 Tips For Successful Social Media Campaigns

The phrase of the moment in marketing departments of companies is “Social Networking”, however, many companies still suffer campaigns to social media to reach an audience of effective and targeted way. In this article we offer some tips on the basics that soon proved to be extremely useful, if not essential, to successful social media campaigns.

5 Tips For Successful Social Media Campaigns


1. Do not try to just sell

Companies with the best social media campaigns today have chosen to use these media as tools of CRM, i.e., as a point of contact with customers for numerous issues such as support, feedback, etc. Maybe you can also use them to send promotions or offers direct but only occasionally. If you try to use social media solely as a means to push offers to sell chances, that users will tire of your ads and will not be exploiting the potential of this medium.

2. Brings something valuable

If a user “follows” your company on a social network like Facebook or Twitter is that somehow feels affinity for your company and what it has to say and offer. It is for the loyalty of your users by providing information and quality services that attract more and more to your brand.

3. Focus on quality and not quantity

Today there are countless social networks of all types and oriented at all approaches. As a company it is important to understand that leading a campaign on a social network requires a significant investment of time and effort so unless larger companies with greater resources, it is likely that a small business does not have the ability (or need) to have a presence on all social networks and gotten credit. It is important to focus resources to be allocated to social networks that best suit the interests of the company and in which content and provide quality services.

4. Treat social networking as official media (or whatever it is, watch what you say)

Recall that for a follower to “channel” on any of the social networks available today, any information or files published through this medium will be treated as official information, therefore it is essential to people that is responsible for the administration of these accounts have a high level of responsibility and perfectly know the company policies so that each publication we do in social networks sticks to our policies and no errors of communication they can cost expensive.

5. Not talk only about your business, your business and your business

The fact that each publication you do in social networks is to say how wonderful it is your business, your products are amazing and how everything that touches your company becomes gold can become boring for users who follow you and you can even come to seem arrogant. In the era of social networks is common and perfectly appropriate to talk about different products and services related to your business (even from other companies) and even your competition. Of course, also you should talk to others only negatively, must find a balance in each of the statements you make to be taken as an “authority” on the issue and not one that is solely dedicated to extol their products or criticize those of others.

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