5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Social Media Game Plan

Anyone can do social media marketing but how many of you are really successful? With social media being so competitive and constantly changing, you (as a marketer) should be prepared to improve your social media game plan.
In most cases, it is always easier said than done. So, in this post, you will get powerful and highly effective ways to improve your game plan, especially in social media.
Are you ready to take marketing to the whole new level?
5 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Social Media Game Plan

5 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Game Plan


1. Share Interactive Content

Being a social media marketer is tough. There will always be a time where you start wondering if the content you share is good enough for your readers.
Here’s the truth, your readers are going to interact with your posts if you share interactive content. Does this make sense to you?
What happens when you share boring content on social media?
Readers will NOT be engaged enough to reply to you — and they may even think that you are some sort of a nuisance.
Interactive content can be shared through several methods and the easiest one is to use PostPlanner. I use PostPlanner and it is extremely affordable.
Plus, you are able to share powerful, highly engaging content to your followers with just a few clicks of the button.
Seriously, you couldn’t ask for anything easier than that!

2. Social media platforms = Customer service support platforms

Do you know that social media platforms are highly effective for customer service and support?
According to statistics, consumers are more likely to comment and leave a feedback online through social media than writing it down on the feedback form in the checkout counter.
Social media platforms are no longer a place for you to leave rants or to meet up with your friends. It is highly effective in marketing and if you are running a business, make sure you take some time to focus on using social media as a support platform.
Not sure how or where to start?
How about encouraging your customers to contact you via social media platforms for any inquiries? In most cases, a majority of the (potential) customers are happy to contact you directly on social media because it eliminates the time filling up the form (even online ones).

3. Using hashtags

Hashtags aren’t that popular nowadays compared to years. Seriously.
According to the latest social media news, hashtags are less useful in social media marketing and I even started reducing the usage of hashtags.
However, do not undermine the effective of hashtags. Some social media platforms still use hashtags as a method for searching in their algorithm. You should at least use some sort of hashtags in your social media marketing to ensure that you are able to reach out a wider range of customers.
While it may not be that useful as what it was before, hashtags are still important especially in a number of reaches and staying visible in the competitive social media industry.
Generally, you should not use more than 2 hashtags in a post. While you may use more on some platforms such as Instagram, you should always control the usage of it to ensure that your readers are not offended by the action!
The usage of hashtags is said to increase your engagement and even visibility by at least 10% if you use them correctly. A random hashtag like #SocialMediaIsFun may not be that effective compared to popular ones such as #SocialMedia or #ContentMarketing.
Therefore, use the right hashtags at the right time and most importance, focus in relevancy!
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4. Investment in social media advertisements

I consider this as a taboo as you will be surprised by the number of business owners who still do not want to invest in paid ads. They either think it is too techy for them, difficulties in managing or having smaller marketing budgets.
Make no mistakes as an investment in social media advertisement can be really expensive. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that you should not engage with it.
In most cases, a majority of the business owners who use paid social media advertisement will experience a huge improvement either in clicks, traffic or/and sales revenue. With millions of people using social media on a daily basis, it is a no-brainer that you should at least use paid social media ads at least a few times in a month.
For the very least, spend at least $100 a month on a single social media channel to ensure that you are able to reach a wider range of audience which will surely improve your social media game plan.

5. Focus only on ONE social media platform

You don’t have the time and a huge budget to invest in social media. Okay, I get it. But it certainly doesn’t mean that you do not use social media (or avoid it completely). In this case, you should focus only on ONE social media platform and it doesn’t matter what’s your choice.
Focusing on one give you more time and space especially in growing your visibility. When you focus in one, you can streamline your target and make sure that you have sufficient time to engage with your followers in that channel.
Surely, managing multiple channels can be a tough job and it certainly takes time. Nonetheless, you should always aim to use at least one platform. It can be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or any other platform. At the end of the day, it is important for you to understand that leveraging one social media platform is always more effective than not using social media at all.
Furthermore, focusing on one social media platform can even save you more money and time!
Do you still have any excuses not to use social media?


In short, there are many ways you can up your social media game (or improve your social media game plan altogether). All you need to do is to understand your business’s goal(s) and use social media to leverage the true power of it.
With proper planning, you will be surprised on what social media can actually do for you!
What do you think? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss further!
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