Even if it’s a subject often discussed, it is never too late to read or re-read some rules that help you implement a social media campaign, especially when Facebook comes always with new changes in the platform.

Social media is an excellent channel to raise awareness, increase the level of interactivity and also increase sales in some cases.


5 steps to build effective Facebook campaigns


1. One of the most important features when deciding to develop a Facebook campaign is targeting. Before starting a Facebook campaign you need to establish which is your audience and answer few questions like: you want to inform, to educate, to engage existing fans or you want to reach out new target audience, you want to generate buzz about a new product or service, what actions do you want your audience to take?. For all this you have to know you’re audience and your campaign objectives.

2. Every action that you want to take on Facebook it has to be measurable. Setting appropriate metrics is a must not only on Facebook, but in every marketing action you want to take. Depending on the type of campaign you can track indicators such as number of fans, interactivity rate, sales etc.

3. The cornerstone for every successful campaign is a great content presented in an interesting and engaging way.

4. Adapt your message – a message it’s not enough for a successful campaign. You have to communicate it on the right channels and assure that your social campaign is integrated with all your other marketing activities. In one way we communicate on Facebook, in other way we communicate through a TV spot or an advertising page.

5. Simple, but memorable – I always said that simple things are often the best. Engage your users in an ongoing conversation, make it personal, create the feeling of belonging for a long term loyalty.