5 Social Media Plugins For Bloggers

Social media and WordPress. We know exactly how important social media is in today’s world and if you are using WordPress, you are in luck!
WordPress users are lucky because there are many choices you can choose when it comes to integrating social media with your WordPress powered website. And yes, in this article, you will find the top social media plugins you can use based on several important criteria.
If you have been wondering which is the best plugin to use, you don’t have to look any further. This article is all you need to start rocking hard on social media.

5 Social Media Plugins For Bloggers


1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

By far, this is my favorite social media plugin. Found on Envato Marketplace, a single license costs $19 with the option to purchase an additional license with a little bit more in cost.
When you purchase Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, you are getting not only a lifetime license which includes updates, you are getting 1 full year of support. I first discovered Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress two years back and until date, there are over 15,400 sales on this particular social media plugin and it still one of my top favorite.
If you are planning to customize your social media plugin, this is the right one for you. Easy to customize to any display and layout of your choice is just one of the option. There are also options to have a different layout based on mobile devices; for example, you can display setting A for desktop users while setting B for laptop and smartphones.
Apart from this, the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin allows you to create multiple social sharing buttons that connect you to dozens of different social media platforms with just a few click.
To add the icing to the cake, there is also the optimization option where the plugin will optimize itself to ensure that your website loading speed is constantly in the optimum state. Furthermore, there is also the option to view the stats which is extremely powerful especially when you want to understand the metrics in marketing.

2. SumoMe

SumoMe is another great tool to use if you are on a very tight budget. For starters, SumoMe is extremely versatile in creating a simple and quick deployment of social media icons on your WordPress website.
SumoMe is different from most of the social media plugin competitors because it doesn’t require a plugin to activate it. You have the option to integrate it via coding (simple copy and paste) or using a plugin if you want to deploy the plugin immediately.
SumoMe comes with several features such as stats and counter which is extremely powerful for both beginners and advanced social media users. Apart from that, SumoMe comes with a great set of tools such as email builder and heat map which can provide tons of value if used correctly.
SumoMe comes in both free and paid version. The free version provides users with limited features while the paid ones provide more feature rich features. If you have installed SumoMe directly via coding, there are no updates needed since it will automatically perform the updates for you.
The only downside (common issue) for SumoMe is that it doesn’t play well with CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader feature.

3. WordPress Default Sharing Plugin – Jetpack

I love Jetpack and you can ask anyone who uses WordPress. Jetpack is a single plugin that comes packing with several (beyond) awesome plugins and features. And yes, you got that right. Social media is one of those features that Jetpack has.
Unlike any other social media plugins, Jetpack’s social media sharing tool is really powerful. There is absolutely no coding required and more importantly, it is always free to use. You can easily enable or disable the application with just a click and for the features, you can drag and drop any social media platforms of your choice.
By default, the social media icons will only be visible in one area which is usually at the bottom of the post. However, you can change that with some light coding to ensure that it is visible on places (placement) of your choice. You can even do many crazy things such as changing the colors, fonts and the size of the icons with coding as well.
For many developers, Jetpack’s social media sharing option is a powerful feature not to be missed!
Plus, it is constantly being updated by the team behind WordPress (Automattic) and therefore, you don’t have to worry about un-updated plugins!

4. Floating Social Bar

If you are looking for a simple social media plugin that does the job, this is it. Floating Social Bar is developed by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, the guys behind the popular WordPress plugin, OptinMonster.
Floating Social Bar is very simple to use, just a handful of settings and the next thing you know, your website has a working floating bar!
It is free to download from the WordPress repository and installing is a breeze. One of the advantages using Floating Social Bar is that it’s extremely slim and fast. It doesn’t come with bloatware and therefore, you know that your website speed will not be affected by the plugin — one way or another.

5. Social Warfare Plugin

This is another social media plugin for those who wants to take social media marketing to a whole new level.
Social Warfare plugin allows you to:

  • Have a social media plugin that loads fast
  • High customizable social media plugin
  • Plugin that allows you to leverage Pinterest image
  • Ability to use Twitter cards
  • And much more!

Social Warfare plugin comes with a small cost of $24 per year. Trust me, this is one of the best investment you can ever do when it comes to social media marketing.

Here are some reviews from several social media influencers:
“I use Social Warfare because how things are shared when I’m not there to do it is important!” -Peg Fitzpatrick, Social Media Strategist
“It’s a beautiful, super lightweight, and highly customizable plugin. I love everything about it!” -Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategist



These social media plugins are the ones that I highly recommend to use especially when you are starting out in the marketing world. For advanced users, you will be extremely delighted with them as these plugins offer more features than you can ever imagine (which could be extremely important for your social media marketing needs).
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