5 Minutes to Set up Google Authorship

Google authorship is an awesome feature from Google that allows you to claim authorship for all your online content, whether that be a post, page, video or an image. One of the best things about authorship is that your face or business logo will appear in Google search results next to your content. And if you have high quality photograph of your face more people will click on your result as they can see who the author is rather than the other plane search results.


Why you should claim Google authorship?

You get to feature yourself next to your search results on Google which people are more likely to click on as they can see, follow and find out more about the author.
If you’re active on Google+ then all your followers will see your results slightly higher through social search a social recommendation from you to them. So start sharing great content on Google+ to get more followers so more people see your posts higher.
Claiming authorship will generate more targeted traffic to your website. It also helps you gain more Google+ followers and create a real relationship with people. When they search for something and your smiling face is next to your result they’re more likely to click on the result as you know them.
It’s now your job to convert these visitors to buyers. Karan Chauhan gives you 10 top tips for doing this on bloggingways.net.

How to Set up Google authorship?

Setting up Google authorship is very easy if you know how but once you know you’ll never forget. To start create a Google+ profile or page and add all the appropriate information to your profile and upload a clear face shot of yourself or a high quality logo.
Now head to your Google+ profile by clicking this link plus.google.com/me and go to your about me section. In the contributor to section add your website and verify an email from your website for example hello@shaneatkins.co.uk. You’ve now claimed authorship for all your content.
For pages is quite similar to profiles, to start go to your about section and add your website link and an email address and verify both of them. Once verified add a Google+ authorship link to your posts and pages your link will look similar to this https://plus.google.com/101419506262422751800?rel=author all you need to do is just swap these numbers with the numbers that appear in your page URL.
To check to see if you’ve added authorship successfully use Google’s Rich Snippet Tool which will show you if your site or a specific post has authorship.


I’ve discovered you can also claim Google authorship for your Pinterest account. All you need to do is add your Pinterest URL to your other profiles section on your Google+ profile. And that’s it. Keep pinning regularly and you’ll soon see your authorship under your Pinterest profile in Google.
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