5 Important Tips About YouTube Marketing

Did you know that an average person consumes around 5 hours of YouTube on a daily basis? Yes, no joke on that.
Forget about long or short posts. You should start focusing on video is you want to make the mark in the marketing field. But it is always easier said than done. For one, I am one of those who tried YouTube for months and only to give up much later on because of the traction. The problem is, I am too focus on the end results which leads me to be less focused on my journey creating the output. Make sense?
In this post, you will find some awesome ways to kick ass, especially on YouTube marketing. Let’s dive in, shall we?
YouTube - 5 Important Tips About YouTube Marketing

5 Important Tips About YouTube Marketing


1. Multiple YouTube channels versus Single YouTube channel

This is one of the most asked questions if you take the time to scout through the Google’s forum. You might be thinking:

  • Is it really that easy to get subscribers to subscribe to two different channels of yours?
  • Does making two or more channels easier to manage?
  • Would you have more time if you have one YouTube channel only?

And I am absolutely sure there are much more. Here’s the thing. Having multiple YouTube channels may not entirely be a bad thing. However, you need to decide if both the YouTube channels are related to the same topic.
Take a look at this example of mine (pardon me for new related stuff). I have two different YouTube channels:

With the above example, I could only have one YouTube channel but both the matters are very different; on one hand, I am publishing marketing videos and on another, I have a gaming video channel.
End of the day, you need to decide either one but if you ask me, go with something that will interest your subscribers.

2. Don’t go cheap

YouTube marketing isn’t really the cheapest marketing tool. You need to have at least decent tools to make your video stand out from the crowd. In real life, that isn’t really an easy job, especially when money is on the line.
No one is going to watch a half-made or sub-par video and you probably have viewers closing the video even before it ends.
So, if you are planning to go with video marketing, here are some important video making tools you could purchase:

  • Microphone (you can get a decent one under $100 on Amazon)
  • Video editing tool (you can go with the free Window Movie Maker or a more advanced version which is usually paid)
  • Stock images (for image display before viewers hit the play button)
  • Camera for recording (or smartphone camera is fine)
  • Intro
  • Out-to

Long story short, making a video isn’t really the best affordable marketing method you can find. However, with billions of viewers on a daily basis, this is probably one of the best investment you can make!
Plus, some of the above can be done with services from Fiverr.

3. Editing before publishing

I know. You want to press the upload button as soon as the video is completed. But hold on their tiger.
Editing your video is vital. There will be a moment you want to cut it out from the script and there would be the time you may want to add more ‘call-to-actions’. Either way, you should always edit your video before publishing.
An edited video is more polished and will be able to portray the crucial part(s) of your message.
Editing a video is easy if you use premium video editing tools and alternatively, you can hire a freelancer to edit for you instead. While that would increase the cost of production in the video, it certainly saves you more time which is worth more than gold!
Generally, an average video editing service would cost around $20 per time and it could scale up to hundreds depending on the editor’s ability and experience. Therefore, it is always recommended to understand your budget before hiring any video editors.

4. Giving up too early

Starting a YouTube channel is easy, but maintaining one is challenging. Let alone managing multiple channels at the same time.
Most marketers give up on YouTube too early and even before they hit the half way mark. As a marketer who is new to YouTube marketing, you shouldn’t expect high traffic or subscribers during the first 20 or more videos.
It is very common that it would take some time to get the right traction. It is common to generate less than 100 minutes of viewing after the first 15 days or so.
It takes the time to build an audience and you should never give up on that. You should continue the entire process if you want YouTube marketing to work for you.
Now, if you are wondering if there is an estimated time on when your channel can get the popularity as what you wished for, you will be disappointed as there is no exact answer to this. It varies from person to person, business to business. But the most important takeaway is not to give up no matter what!

5. The type of title is an important factor

When it comes to titles, there are several ways to go around it:

  • Focusing on keyword rich title
  • Using psychological effect in title
  • Long and short titles

Take a look at YouTube trending section. You will notice a huge chunk is actually using titles that are all caps, high in emotions and suspense to generate clicks. And trust me, they work like a charm.
When it comes to YouTube marketing, the generic marketing especially in title optimization won’t work. You need captivating titles to drive clicks and audience.
I totally get it, you may oppose to this idea but trust me, it works like the charm if you have two important component sorted out; powerful titles and well-edited YouTube videos.

So, now it is your turn!

Are you using YouTube for marketing? If you are, what are your challenges with it? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about it!
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