My 5 most favorite HootSuite apps


HootSuite, social media management tool has relevant advantages compare to their competitors. The App Directory is one of them. Hundred of HootSuite apps can be added to your dashboard to create a customized experience.

Here are my 5 most favorite HootSuite apps I use at work or for my personal use



At the end of the year, you want to display what you have done, all your mentions on Twitter, shares on Facebook or pictures posted on Instagram. Storify is THE tool to create a story using social media updates.
Once you have installed the Storify app in HootSuite, you are able to add a tweet to a story in Storify. So it becomes a very quick way of building up a story.


With this HootSuite app, you can view your Instagram snaps and feed of photos for the users you follow and your likes in the dashboard. Another good reason to connect Instagram with Hootsuite is the hashtags monitoring feature. As a brand, if you use specific hashtags, a competition or a promotion, you can easily monitor it alongside your Instagram stream(s).


With Instagram, free HootSuite app, you are limited, you just want to step up and reap the benefits of 90 million monthly active users. Statigram is a tool to get introduced to your boss. First, Statigram analytics tools will blow your mind with dozens of weekly and monthly stats. Second, the ‘Repost’ feature re-shares the original Instagrammer’s picture and username are attached and properly credited in the photograph.
In HootSuite, the Statigram app offers many more possibilities for brand marketers.


Curation is the key for marketers, you want the most accurate content for your fans or followers. LikeHack becomes your best content curation friend. This tool will provide the most benefits of what your friends, followers or RSS feeds are interested in. Then, it will identify opinion leaders or users in your favorite topics and will curate from them.
This useful tool for marketers curates content that has an average 20% click rate and it knows what your audience wants.


As mentioned above, content curation for marketers is the point of difference and original content offers better ranking and awareness.
ContentGems monitors over 200,000 sources and pulls the most important content out that corresponds to preferences you set up at the beginning. Once connected with your social networks (especially Twitter and your followers), you will not miss out content.

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What are your favorite HootSuite apps? Please add them in comments.

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