5 Facebook Tips To Increase Visibility On a Facebook Page

Get Notifications

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Changes made by Facebook through their system called Edgerank affect Facebook pages, the number of those who now see a status posted on a Facebook page is up 20%. In this context, Facebook wants to pull more money from the administrators of these pages.

Below you can find 5 Facebook Tips to increase the visibility on your Facebook pages:


1. Asking fans to click “Get Notifications”

When you know you posted something cool with a big interest to fans you can ask them to click on “Get Notifications”, which appears as the first option on the Like button menu. This option is equivalent to adding a person to your close friends list on Facebook

2. Remove applications that automatically post articles

Discard applications (ex: RSS Graffiti) that automatically post articles on your site or blog on the Facebook page. Facebook disadvantages messages posted automatically and if a user blocks an application of this kind, all posts in that application will be hidden on the wall for all pages that use it.

3. Include photos when you post a messages on page

A picture may be 10 times more effective than a text message. Replace the automatically generated thumbnail of Facebook messages containing links with a large and personalized photo. Everyone loves pictures and if the image posted is relevant to audience interaction with fans, it will increases the likes, shares or comments

4. Schedule messages to be published in primetime

You can schedule posts to appear on Facebook when most of the fans are active on the network. Times may differ depending on the audience, but generally in the morning and in the evening you can obtain the best results. Thus, 8 o’clock in the morning when people get to work and at night after 6 o’clock when the workday ends are the best hours to promote your posts. It’s best to test publishing posts at different times and check the Facebook Insights to see which were the most viewed ranges

5. Give prizes and discounts to loyal fans

It is recommended wherever possible, to offer from time to time bonuses, vouchers and small gifts to the active fans so they remain further motivated and engaged on your Facebook brand page.
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