4 Years of Hot in Social Media

4 years ago on a special day: December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) I launched a social media and marketing blog called: Hot in Social Media. Since then, year after year our top social media contributors and authors around the globe, succeeded to add new and interesting articles about: useful tips, news, recommended tools, infographics and more.

The main topics presented on this blog were: social media, marketing, SEO, PR and online advertising.

We are glad that our Hot in Social Media community is growing every year and our articles are shared on all social media channels every day. In 2017 we want to make another (big) step forward so, keep it close to find our more about our future plans.

Below you can find some interesting HotinSocialMedia.com statistics regarding this 4 Years of Hot in Social Media.


4 Years of Hot in Social Media Statistics

30.000+ followers from all our channels
1640+ images

760+ articles

140+ contributors


Top 10 popular articles in 4 years of Hot in Social Media

1. Tips for Writing the Best Instagram Captions
2. 6 Actionable Tips for Writing Good Instagram Captions Instantly
3. Insta-Etiquette: 10 Things to Never Do on Instagram
4. Devil Baby Attack: Viral Campaign Of The Week
5. The first 10 people who have made a Facebook account
6. How Often Should You Change Your Social Media Profile Pictures?
7. 20 Expert Opinions About the Most Important Social Media Trends in 2015
8. The Evolution of Instagram
9. 6 Rising Social Media Networks to Keep an Eye on in 2014
10. 20 Best Apps for Small Businesses (Infographic)

Because we want to add more value to our community please tell us in the comment box below, what do you want to change / add to make you come daily on our blog?