4 Ways to Appeal to LinkedIn Recruiters

It’s not enough to simply build a LinkedIn profile page. Regardless of the job history, education, and skills you list on your digital resume of sorts, you have to understand that the bare minimum is not going to yield results. As a matter of fact, any online marketing firm can tell you that different strategies will help to attract the attention of LinkedIn recruiters. In order to benefit from this professional networking platform, some strategies may stand out more than others.
No one can deny that LinkedIn has its advantages, especially from a professional standpoint. However, if you want to effective appeal to recruiters on this website, here are 4 of the best methods you should take into account.

4 Ways to Appeal to LinkedIn Recruiters


1. Select the right profile picture

First impressions are everything, on any platform that can be imagined. On LinkedIn, this is where your profile picture will be brought into the fold. Not only should your picture be a head shot of you, but the picture in question should be at a decent level of quality. Essentially, a recruiter should make out who you are, as opposed to struggle to see what you look like. The sharper LinkedIn profile picture is, the better a start you’ll have when appealing to recruiters.

2. Showcase your recommendations

Collateral matters on LinkedIn, and this usually comes in the form of recommendations. When you leave a job, in pursuit of another, you should make it a point to ask about a potential recommendation from your employer. He or she will be able to tell others about your work ethic, in addition to other characteristics which will bring your reputation into greater light. It would be ideal if you have a few recommendations. However, if you can achieve even a single one, it’ll only bolster your profile.

3. Create an effective summary

It’s very easy to become wordy on social media – probably with the exception of Twitter, though that’s more for design reasons than anything else – and LinkedIn users should be aware of this. This is especially true when it comes to summaries, which should give brief details of who you are. You can talk about what your job is, the skills you possess, or even the experience you’ve amassed over time. It’s easy enough to detail these in a few sentences, which will make for easy skimming for LinkedIn recruiters.

4. Don’t be afraid to write content

With the opening of LinkedIn’s publishing platform this past January, it’s never been easier for users to create their own blog posts, which can reach various audiences. If you’re looking to appeal to recruiters, this is a service you should take advantage of. Even though you may not see results early on, consistency with your posts will build you up as a though leader in your industry. If you’re someone who’s involved in sports broadcasting, for example, you may blog about predictions for upcoming games or comparisons between players. The more high-quality content you write, the likelier it is that recruiters will take notice.

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