4 Tools To Double Your Social Media Followers With Minimum Work

4 Tools To Double Your Social Media Followers With Minimum Work
We all love to have thousands of followers on social media. The number of followers we have usually represented our authority level in the social sphere. Apart from the authority and power, it shows that we have a huge following for showing off. Well, who doesn’t want that, right?
But you probably know about this already.
What you are inching to know now is this: You want to find the best tools to double your social media followers and most importantly, these tools must be affordable and able to provide fast results.
Let’s face it. There are many social media tools which you can choose from and most of them does the job pretty well too. But the biggest question remains: Which is the best tool(s) to double your social media followers in the shortest time period?
Now, let’s dive into this topic and start rolling, shall we?
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4 Tools To Double Your Social Media Followers With Minimum Work


1. Facebook advertisements

Like it or hate it; Facebook advertisement goes a long way when it comes to increasing your fans count.
Did you know that you can easily get few hundred likes daily with just a few dollars in a Facebook advertisement?
Facebook advertising is probably one of the most versatile tools because it allows you to connect with audiences of your choice using different segments. For example:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Education level
  • Mobile devices

Yes, I know this is lingering in your mind right now. And this, represents costs. You are required to spend a little money on Facebook advertisements if you want to grow your followers.
For as little as a few dollars a day, you will be able to promote yourself (or your brand) to thousands of potential followers.
And when your advertisements resonate with your audience, you will be able to generate more fans and followers over time.

2. Tweepi

I came across Tweepi back in 2014 and allow me to tell this you: It is a bad-a*s Twitter tool!
Tweepi does a whole of the thing, for example, it allows you to engage with users based on your requirements. Here are a few that you can choose from:

  • Followers who have not engaged with you in X days
  • Twitter users who are following {Twitter handler}
  • Twitter users who are currently active in the past X minutes/hours/days
  • Twitter users who are inactive
  • Twitter users from selected location
  • Twitter users with specific words or hashtags in their bio

Yes, the sky is the only limit you have.
Tweepi allows you to engage and communicate with both followers and non-followers alike.
Make no mistake. Tweepi is extremely powerful and you may face a permanent ban if you overuse the follow and unfollow feature.
Twitter has automatic rules where you are only allowed to follow that many Twitter followers at one time (based on your current Twitter followers count). Therefore, Tweepi’s unfollow feature is super effective in managing your followers and people you are following on your Twitter account.

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3. Viralwoot

Do you use Pinterest for business? If the majority of your audience is female, you definitely need to be using Pinterest as a form of social media marketing.
But wait, what is Viralwoot?
Viralwoot is a tool focusing mainly on Pinterest. It is extremely flexible and probably one of the best tools to increase followers on Pinterest in a very short time period.
Here are several (popular) Viralwoot features for social marketers:

  • Ability to gain hundreds or thousands of followers on Pinterest with the right strategy using Viralwoot
  • Promote your pins (for free) to Viralwoot members
  • Managing multiple Pinterest accounts under one roof
  • Ability to schedule pins (publishing)

Viralwoot became one of the best tools to increase followers count on Pinterest is because it is free to use (paid accounts available too) and it is extremely versatile.
Apart from that, Viralwoot also provides excellent customer service and support which is extremely vital for new or potential users. At this point of time, the record is 91.2% queries solved under 30 minutes.
Pretty impressive mark, don’t you think so?
In order to use Viralwoot, you must collect ‘seeds’, which is the currency in the application. You can earn seeds through doing tasks such as liking pins of others, sharing and following others using Viralwoot.
The value of seeds earned per action varies depending on tasks. In return, you can also use the seeds earned by rewarding others to follow, like or share your pins.
Make no mistake. This strategy is extremely powerful if you are extremely active using Viralwoot.

4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is one of my top favorite, must have tools when it comes to building healthy social media followers.
At this point of writing, Crowdfire application integrates perfectly well with Twitter and Instagram. Words around is that they are planning to integrate with more platforms in the future (which I believe is always in the pipeline).
The best part about Crowdfire is that you can access it through desktop and as well as your smartphones too. The application does looks good on mobile (let’s be really honest):
Crowdfire allows you to follow users of your choice (both Twitter and Instagram), unfollow them and even communicate with them.
Basically, Crowdfire is an all-in-one tool for both Twitter and Instagram.
The real power about Crowdfire is not about increasing Twitter followers, but it’s Instagram followers. Through my personal experience, there aren’t many tools that offer Instagram follow and unfollow.
When I tried Crowdfire, it felt really good and the features are extremely user-friendly too!

Recapping and in a nutshell

Using the right tools will grow your social media followers by the hundreds if not thousands. Of course, proper strategies should be practised such as not overdoing the follow and unfollowing to avoid permanent ban and penalties.
Always remember that it is better to do it safe (and not being too greedy in growing your audience) to ensure that you do not break any rules and regulation of the social media platforms.
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