4 Tips for Making Your Pinterest Pins More Shareable

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For some users, Pinterest is simply a place to organize craft ideas, inspiration for home decor, tasty recipes and otherwise unique Internet finds. For others, though, Pinterest is an opportunity to garner social media clout amongst the site’s many users, whether one works solo or for an established brand. If you fall into the latter category, it’s vital that everything you pin has re-pin potential—the snowball effect of your followers sharing with their followers means more organic exposure for your company, and who doesn’t want that?

Four tips for making your Pinterest pins more shareable


1. Choose an Eye-Catching Image

This is perhaps the most important of all Pinterest rules. Regardless of the topic, you’ll notice when browsing Pinterest boards that each pin includes an image representative of the actual post’s topic. Typically, this image—not the words or information that you post—will be what your followers see. For that reason, it’s important to select an image first and foremost that clearly portrays what your post is about. Don’t pick something that’s too simple, though, as rule number two of Pinterest images is that they should be striking. You want to make sure that, amid the noise of other posts on your followers’ boards, they’ll notice yours. This combination will often inspire a re-pin.

2. Get a Feel for Your Followers’ Interests

If you’re seeking to build your follower base, what you pin shouldn’t simply cover the things that you find interesting—you can’t re-pin yourself, anyway. The good news is that it’s easy to figure out what your followers typically pin by simply checking out their boards and finding common themes. This tip is particularly important for individuals or companies that typically cover niche topics. For example, let’s say that you’re an attorney who fights for your clients’ social security disability. Despite the fact that you provide thorough and dependable services, it might be hard to see how you could possibly connect with Pinterest users: most of them aren’t using the social media site to research whether or not they have a claim. Instead, you could find out if your followers are interested in healthy lifestyle tips, for example. By posting images that link to your site’s blog or cache of articles that revolve around the topic, you could bring more traffic to your site and build your follower base and, if your followers ever need an attorney for social security, they will know who to contact.

3. Organize a Contest

It’s one of the oldest tools in the marketer’s toolbox. By curating a contest or sweepstakes that revolves around sharing one of your Pinterest posts, you will certainly get attention from your followers. After—you guessed it—selecting a strong image to represent your contest, ask your followers to re-pin it to enter into your contest. Or, you could ask your followers to create boards inspired by your personal style, your recipes or your brand with a special hashtag that will allow you to easily find a winner; it’ll also help others find your page who might be intrigued by the contest postings on their friends’ boards. One important note regarding Pinterest contests: use them sparingly. You never want to inundate your followers with contests, or they’ll grow tired of your posts and either tune out future posts or unfollow you altogether

4. Don’t Forget About The Tex

Despite the importance of images on Pinterest, you can’t let your words fall to the wayside. Once an image draws someone into your post, they’ll want to know more about what your post covers. That’s why it’s important to craft a quick yet attention-grabbing description of your post that will seal the click-through deal. Another option: combine your image and text into one. It’s easy to find online photo editors that allow you to spruce up your image with borders, filters and text. If you can come up with a catchy post title and artfully add it to the image you’ve selected, your post will stand out amongst the text-free crowd.

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