4 Reasons You Should Use Twitter to Reach Out to Influencers

Web-based social networking is a successful way for brands to make use of influencer marketing. This strategy targets people who have a hold over potential purchasers in their industry.
Influencers can be teachers, writers, bloggers, and celebrities – any person or expert in your field who has a huge following.
Creating an association with these people isn’t as hard as it appears. Twitter is a standout amongst the most useful tools to associate with compelling individuals relevant to your niche.
Every second, the Twitterati is sending out 5,700 tweets, which makes it the right place to reach out to the right people.
Finding the right people
Twitter is an effective tool to utilize to focus on your target market. When you launch an online retail site, getting initial traction isn’t so hard but getting the right customers to your site at the outset can be challenging.


Without a doubt, having 150,000 followers on Twitter looks awesome, particularly from a social standpoint. But you can have a similar level of engagement with a few followers too – provided that they are highly engaged with your content and loyal to your brand. This is the difference between an audience and the right audience.
Gathering targeted users online           
When you create a consumer group on Twitter, you should make a point to go the extra mile. Each market you work with has a particular buyer statistic you need to reach. Without targeted userbase, none of your marketing campaigns would have the impact they should.
Luckily, there are different organizations and even newbie bloggers who have built a user base your target buyers fall into, and this is precisely where you begin. Below are 4 reasons why you should use Twitter to reach out to Influencers.

How to use Twitter to reach out to Influencers

1. Feature influencers in a blog post

Daniel Knowlton, the originator of KPS Digital Marketing, tried to get influencers for his business by offering marketing content to his online customers. He finally chose to utilize BuzzSumo to discover and minister the most popular promotional ads made by the influencers in 2015.
Knowlton at that point contacted those influencers on Twitter, informing them that they made it into the “most popular advertising posts of 2015” post. Three of the included influencers shared the update to their vast gathering of people – 683,000 or more on Twitter and Facebook.


Contact your involved connections on Twitter. Let the said influencers know the post has been shared. Sending them a customized tweet on their handle is an awesome approach to grab their attention.

2. Snapshot of updates

GIFs, recordings, pictures and client surveys aren’t counted into a tweet word count.  Twitter handles at the start of the post aren’t incorporated into character restrictions anymore either.
There are a few advantages that Twitter’s new highlights will have on the influencer group, despite the fact that connects to blog entries and articles will keep on being subjected to the 140 character limit.

  • Twitshot retweets

Beth Cooper from Buffer gave out a measurement expressing that tweets with extended pictures get 150% more retweets/engagement. That is a significant hop utilizing basic techniques that anybody can do. No hashtag promotion or investigation required.
Twitshot was produced as a result of this. You can remove pictures from linked posts and update them on your Twitter pages. Many marketers are using this as a ‘cross-stage’ device, reposting pictures with precise information and a URL link to other websites, for example, Instagram.

3. Saying more with visual aids

It’s a well-known fact that recordings, pictures, and gifs are attractive, however many Twitter users still figure out how to get the message across without using any of these components in their tweets.
As mentioned in a report distributed by Twitter, tweets with pictures show signs of improved engagement than just content-filled statuses.
In the wake of talking with one of the eminent influencers, Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, a few thoughts ring a bell. She says when the Twitter changes become official, influencers will have the capacity to add visual guides to their updates without intersecting the 140-character restraint.
For brands, this implies they can share tributes, pitch items, and answer buyer questions with better words and illustrations.
Previously influencers shared a couple of tweets, with a picture of the character check permitted, linking directly to their supported blog entries. Over the span of social media updates, they could only post this a couple of times, and that is it.
Now, all potential leads can offer brands extensive connecting doors for Twitter updates that include more excellent pictures and even video instructional exercises utilizing the brand’s items. You can now sufficiently incorporate content in the tweet to share related hashtags, data, and a brand’s client name.

4. Quote yourself for double characters

How regularly have you needed to separate your tweet down the middle just to express a full message? Fortunately, with the current updates, you will now have the capacity to cite personal tweets without giving up.
In any case, how does that work? Essentially enter your first tweet as normal and post it. At that point cite the original tweet and write up to 140 characters in the second tweet. There you have it! Presently you have 280 characters all in a single update.
Being able to post extensively, brand proprietors and influencers alike can save their clientele the time spent looking for the second or first 50% of the tweet to know the full story. Cited tweets likewise extend any media archive that was incorporated into the first status, adding more essentiality to the product.

Concluding words

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, says, “Generally, we want to make sure we’re encouraging a whole lot more conversations on Twitter,” and the platform has done exactly that by providing users with an additional online runway to create detailed updates.
Brands must take advantage of these features and view them as opportunities to develop stronger relationships with potential and existing customers. Influencers can leverage Twitter’s changes by improving the quality of their tweets and further engaging their communities.
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