4 Kick-Ass Social Media Automation Tools For 2016

You may have heard about social media automation tools and you may even hear about those negative things about automation on social media.
Some professionals are saying that social media automation is just bad for … literally everything. It is said that you will lose your personal touch to sounding like a robot. In some way, they are absolutely right!
It happens because we count too much on these social media tools for 2016 and because of technology, we become lazy.

Trust me, automation can really make us lazy!

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On the other hand, social media automation is powerful because if used correctly, you are going to double your effectiveness and productivity level. At the same time, you will be able to save a lot of money and even reduce the manpower needed to manage your social media marketing strategies.
But hey, there are just too many social media automation tools for 2016 out there which you can choose from. Lucky for you, you will find the top social media automation tool for your business growth.
Are you ready?
Social Media Automation Tools

Top 4 Social Media Automation Tools For 2016


1. Socialoomph

I have used a lot of social media tools but if I have to choose one, Socialoomph will always be my ultimate choice.
Before we even talk about Socialoomph, allow me to say that both legitimate social media marketers and spammers use Socialoomph for their social media marketing.
You should be using Socialoomph if you are interested with:

  • Recycling all or selected social media updates
  • Integration with unlimited social media accounts
  • Custom time and publication
  • Spinning articles (to create more variables)

Unlike other social media tools, Socialoomph’s dashboard is pretty boring.

Take a look at the image above. You have tons of options to choose from.
Furthermore, Socialoomph is very powerful because it allows you to use spintax.

Spintax is the name for the formatting which is applied to text in order to allow spinning. Spinning is the process of generating multiple unique copies of a piece of text from a single source.

This means that you can create different variants easily. Here’s an example:

How was your {day|morning|afternoon|evening|sleep}?

Socialoomph isn’t the cheapest in the market but it is probably one of the most versatile. The pricing starts at $17.95 once every two weeks.

2. Edgar (also known as Meet Edgar)

When I heard that Pat Flynn and a few other online influencers using Edgar, I knew it was a social media tool that I need to try on.
Edgar is a scheduling and social media tool for busy marketers. Here’s how Edgar works:
As you can see, the steps are pretty much self-explanatory. With Edgar, you are allowed to add and create unlimited libraries. You can use these libraries as classifications such as:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Repeat
  • One time usage
  • Quotes

You are able to schedule different timetable and posting strategies for these libraries using Edgar. In other words, you could easily ensure that the right message gets published at the right time, minus the hassle.
Edgar also comes with smart rotation which it will automatically publish posts in your libraries at specific intervals; thus, ensuring that you are not repeating the same content within a short time period.
If you are interested in trying out Edgar, you can request for an invitation on their official website. Edgar is a subscription based social media automation tool that starts from $49 per month.

3. Hootsuite

I like Hootsuite and in recent months, they had been doing a lot of drastic changes to keep up with the current social media trends (which is good).
Make no mistake. Hootsuite is famous and it is probably one of the most used social media tools out there in the market. For starters, it provides free membership which allows you to take advantages of the limited features.
Hootsuite comes with a truckload of features, namely:

  • Social media scheduling
  • Managing multiple social media account
  • Automatic scheduling

Hootsuite’s automatic scheduling is done using an algorithm which is related closely to a number of engagements per post and the time most of your followers are active on social media.
Automatic scheduling on Hootsuite allows you to get more engagements in all your posts as well as increasing the number of reaches you can possibly get per post.
Of course, Hootsuite also comes with powerful but simple to use / understand analytics feature. These reports can be generated anytime and are a great help in ensuring that your marketing strategy works out well.
Hootsuite comes with several plans, which are Free, Pro (starts at $8.99 per month, billed annually) and Business which is based on custom quotes.

4. Buffer

I love Buffer for many reasons, and one of them is because it is really fun to use.
For starters, Buffer allows you to schedule different posts to various social media accounts of your choice. This means that you do not need to reupload the updates or content constantly to different accounts. In other words, you can post once to all social media accounts connected to Buffer and this saves you a lot of time!
With Buffer, you can create different schedules for your social media accounts which ensure that you share the right content, at the right time. You can upload and schedule anything from posts, videos and images easily using Buffer.
Uploading post by post to Buffer is challenging. Therefore, Buffer allows you to upload batches of updates using BulkBuffer. With BulkBuffer, the entire process of uploading hundreds of updates without a hassle and under 15 minutes.
And to make the ‘deal’ sweeter, there is a feature on Buffer that allows you to reshuffle everything with just a few clicks. This ensures that updates published on each social media account are always unique.
Buffer comes with several plans such as:

  • Free
  • Awesome
  • Agency packages

The Free plan is free for life while the Awesome plan starts at $10 per month. Agency pricing starts at $99 per month which aims at businesses and digital marketing agencies.


You may well debate that there are many other social media automation tools to choose from thanks to the technology that we have nowadays. However, you should always remember that you should choose the right tool that fits your needs and budget instead following what works for others.
Do you have a favorite social media automation tool? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!
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