30 Link Building Tactics to Elevate Awesome Content (Infographic)

Once upon a time there was a new blogger who did not know anything about link building. He knew some basics about search engine optimization, the importance of social media and producing good quality content.
He then stumbled upon The Backlinking Strategy that Works – 2014 and Beyond written by Brian Dean on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog. Brian and Pat are industry icons; actually they are like immortals of the online industry. They have toiled hard and sharpened their crafts so they are well recognised by Google and their search buddies.
Coming back to the new blogger who thought SEO can bring in fame and is just another step, he soon realized this is a process that involves many steps – steps like link building, keyword research, competitor research and so on. He realised the process takes time and the need to have a strategy. He then spent some time learning what other link building strategies are out there. Here is a list of 30 link building tactics from the experts in an Infographic so you don’t have to spend all day reading it.
The experts in this list are Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, Richard Marriott, Bob Jones, Chris Gilchrist, Peter Attia, Sean Si and Jason Acidre.
If you don’t have authority site links pointing to your content then it is merely another piece of content amongst the billions on the web. When you have backlinks, people and search bots start noticing you and your content. You can then be heard and build an audience.
Epic lists and tips give you that WOW feeling, they make the hair in the back of your neck stand up, but the feeling doesn’t last long, does it? To make it last, you have to use the knowledge and implement the newly found wisdom to take action.
To be frank, you don’t need 30 tactics for link building. You should choose one or two, take aim, shoot and reload. Pick the ones that best fit you or the ones that you feel the most confident using.

My Favourite Link Building Tactic

Creating infographics is my favourite tactic. People are much more time sensitive these days with smartphones, tablets and a list of never ending social media sites to spend time on.
Infographics can break complex topics and make it easy for the end user to consume. The user can get the message in mere minutes not hours like the traditional text content.
Infographics are also awesome tools to guest blog with and they can bring natural traffic and links too. Someone sees an Infographic and they publish it on their site with a link back to you. The best part of an infographic is – it is ready to ship a package. You have done the research, design and a topic that is ready to go within mere moments of shipping from the warehouse.
You may be worried about the cost of creating an infographic and there are plenty of free sites that you can dip your toes into. Sites like Infogr.am and Visme make this easy. Some might say the designs here may not be top notch, but there is nothing stopping you from creating awesome content to go in your infographic.
Don’t underestimate the power of link building and the importance of it; without it, you don’t stand a chance. Good luck with building your links, hopefully, you can take this newly found wisdom with you.
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