3 Tips for Better Social Media Productivity in 2015

Look back on your social media channels and ask yourself a few questions. Have you been satisfied with the amount of work you’ve put into your pages? Do you believe that they have produced the results one would describe as satisfactory? There’s no doubt that you’ve been heavily involved in these pages throughout 2014, which means that it is that much more important to maintain, if not amplify, activity as we enter the new year.
Of course, there are those who struggle with trying to figure out how to maximize their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and the like. Even with all of the tools at their disposal, 2014 might also be described, as some, to be inconsistent. Fortunately, there are ways to boost productivity, as I’m sure any social media or online marketing firm can attest to. It’s just a matter of research.
For social media productivity to be seen, as we head into 2015, these 3 essential tips should not be overlooked.

3 Tips for Better Social Media Productivity in 2015


1. Stick with the Brand

A recent article on The Guardian spoke about the different measures brands may take up in 2015. One of the most noteworthy, from my perspective, was the utilization of true brand stories. Powerful narratives can be sent out to fans of certain pages but they must remain true to what the brand is all about. This is easily one of the best ways for companies to stay productive on the social media front. After all, a brand is more than just a name and a logo. It entails everything that a company is all about, ranging from its code of ethics to the professionalism that has been long associated with it. A brand will be remembered, by many people, for these reasons, which will ultimately play into greater social media activity.

2. Keep Things Simple

With the advent of Twitter and other social media networks, it’s easy to see that simpler messages have become the most powerful. I am of the opinion – and I’m sure others share the same view – that this is going to be highlighted even more so throughout 2015. From a business standpoint, it’s easy to see why elements like flat web design and basic logos have become commonplace. The human eye can only register so much at one time. Businesses created entirely new logos; if not, the modified previously existing logos for the sake of simplification. Given the fact that these changes work well across various platforms, I have no reason to believe this will change come the new year.

3. Consistency is Essential

One of the ways in which a promising social media website can lose ground is through a lack of consistency. Specifically, multiple posts may be sent out one day while few to no posts will be seen the next. What this illustrates is a lack of consistency, as activity can elevate and drop off without much explanation. One can make the argument that this can be damaging to a brand’s long-term growth, which isn’t far off of the mark. In 2015, if you haven’t done so already, keep posting with care. Make sure that you send out engaging content at a pace that’s neither too quick nor too slow-paced. Yes, it may take a while to build your audience but the benefits that can be reaped will be more than worth the effort.
Social media is only going to grow, and its importance will matter that much more as we head into 2015. What are some tips you believe to be helpful in the new year? Please leave your thoughts below and enjoy the holiday!

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