3 Things Justin Bieber’s Tumblr Page Can Teach Us

 justin bieber tumblr page

Recently, Justin Bieber opened his own Tumblr account and it seemed liked the general masses saw problems with it right from the start. From the blatant repurposing of content from his other pages to the lack of overall interactivity on Bieber’s part, it was clear that his usage of Tumblr has been, for lack of better terms, misguided. Even though Bieber’s reputation has taken more than a few shots as of late in the mainstream, it would be possible for him to shift his Tumblr page in a more positive direction. Whether or not he will go about such an endeavor is anyone’s guess.
In any event, I have to believe that Justin Bieber’s activity on Tumblr has been able to teach us a number of things about this particular social network. In fact, here are 3 things that we can probably take away from Bieber’s activity on the site in order to make our efforts on Tumblr that much more effective.

3 Things Justin Bieber’s Tumblr Page Can Teach Us


1. Make sure that you interact 

This is practically the foundation of social media. In order to make the most out of any social network – Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Tumblr included – interaction must be done on a relatively consistent basis. By a number of accounts, Bieber has not done anything to interact or even so much as follow other blogs on a whim. It illustrates arguably the most essential flaw associated with networking. Bieber is going to attract followers, no matter what, given his worldwide status. However, those who aren’t as well-known may not have as much luck. For the majority, it’s important to interact with other blogs and perhaps even follow them if they have taken it upon themselves to follow you first.

2. The layout of your blog is crucial

Upon clicking onto Bieber’s Tumblr blog, I was met with a selfie-filled page – we’ll get to this later – with a bright blue background. In addition, the layout of the page itself seemed rather basic and not exactly one that’s rich in regards to marketability. The color of the page isn’t exactly easy on the eyes and it seems like the paige itself was put together in only a few minutes. Fortunately, if you are a newcomer to Tumblr, you will quickly see that there a number of themes and layouts to choose from across the Internet and on Tumblr itself. What this means is that a writer can find a suitable layout just as easily as someone who specializes in photography. Whatever the case may be, leaving your page too basic may be detrimental to your page in general.

3. Tumblr is designed for variety

Even though I may not be much of a selfie aficionado, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with Bieber posting pictures of himself on Tumblr. After all, many people can see this as a form of artistic expression, allowing individuals to be instilled with confidence that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise. For many an online marketing firm, selfies are not going to go away. However, it’s the way in which Bieber has placed such emphasis on photos of himself that drew most of the criticism. For all intents and purposes, Tumblr is a site rooted in variety, so one medium shouldn’t take precedence. Not only are selfies prevalent on Tumblr but it’s easy to find other types of media like fan art, gif sets, and what have you. If the site was composed of nothing but pictures being taken of oneself, it would become a tired network Variety is crucial on social media, Tumblr included, and it’s easily one of the most important features that Bieber overlooked.
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