LinkedIn post yesterday (December 18, 2013) on their blog, a list with the 25 Hottest Skills that got People Hired on LinkedIn in 2013. LinkedIn is the number 1 social media network, when companies use social media for recruiting new people.

The guys from LinkedIn tried to answer to the common question:  “Who’s getting hired and what are they doing?” So, they analyzing the expertise (skills) and employment history of more than 259 million LinkedIn profiles and make a list with top 25 skills that help people to hired on LinkedIn in 2013.


Which of this 25 hottest skills do you already have on your LinkedIn profile?

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Mobile Development

3. Cloud and Distributed Computing

4. Perl / Python / Ruby

5. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

6. User Interface Design

7. Digital and Online Marketing

8. Recruiting

9. Business Development / Relationship Management

10. Retail Payment and Information Systems

11. Business Inteligence

12. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

13. Web Programming

14. Algorithm Design

15. Database Management and Software

16. Computer Graphics & Animation

17. C / C++

18. Middleware and Integration Software

19. Java Development

20. Software QA and User Testing

21. PR and Communications

22. Software Engineering Management

23. Information Security

24. Strategy and Strategic Planning

25. Storage Systems and Management


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