Today (December 12, 2013) our blog: Hot in Social Media celebrates 1 year since we started to write articles about the latest news and trends in Social Media.

Below you can find some figures about what we have achieved working with passion, mostly in our spare time, in the past year:

210+ articles

440+ images

21 passionate contributors

3600+ followers from our social media channels


We have been trying to collect news and useful information from the Social Media. Here are the Social Media topics you will find on our site:

Social Media News                                         – Social Media Tops

Useful Tips                                                        – Social Media Events

Recommended Tools                                   – Infographics

Contests                                                            – Social Networks


If you have a passion for Social Media and for writing articles, you want to share your knowledge and want to be one of our Hot in Social Media Contributors, please read our write for us page and contact us as soon as possible.


The Top 10 Most popular articles from HotinSocialMedia.com in our first year of activity have been:


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How To Replace Gmail Ads With Social Contacts

14 Ways For Viral Sharing On Facebook

10 Most Useful Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

The first 10 people who have made a Facebook account


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Adi Domocos is the Founder of Hot in Social Media. After working for several years in different international companies from Marketing Manager to Country Manager, he decided to launch a site in a field he really loves: Social Media Marketing. He’s a social guy who tries to help and cheer up those around him.