10 Tips About Posting a Job on Linkedin

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Finding the perfect candidate for a particular job is like looking for gold in the Orange River. In order to find the best candidate, make sure that your job advert inspires the ideal job seeker to apply for the position. Building a strong Linkedin profile is necessary for both the employers and job seekers. Below you can find 10 useful tips about posting a job on LinkedIn to attract more candidates.

10 Tips About Posting a Job on Linkedin

1. Write an informative title of the job

The job title is the first thing that a job seeker notices. On seeing this, job seeker will make a quick judgment of either to move on or read the details. Therefore, your title should be descriptive, should use relevant keywords, and avoid being seen as spam.

2. Give a description regarding why your company is great

In order to capture the attention of a potential recruit, you need to make your posting as attractive as possible. Ensure that you show job seekers why they will love your company, highlight the perks of the job, such as benefits, as well as flexible hours, and also be truthful in presenting your company.

3. Make a detailed description of the position or job

The post should entail a full scope of the job including the role of the employee in the organization. Ensure that you provide all the key elements of the job, describe all the cool traits of the job, such as interaction with lots of people, and also provide information such as job type, job location as well as the projected salary and benefits.

4. Describe clearly what you are looking for

Ensure that you describe the desired traits in detail, break your desires into possible requirements, such as preferred qualification, and ensure that you don’t discriminate.

5. Be very clear and use your own voice

Keep the language simple and use words portraying action. Also avoid generalizing through overused terms. Ensure that you use your company’s voice and keep it very neutral.

6. Organize the information logically

This makes it simple to read and refer to by a job seeker when preparing resumes and cover letters. Organize the elements systematically and use italics, bold or underline titles of each section where emphasis is needed.

7. Turn the information to action

This will entail giving clear instructions for the application and provide links that are relevant for the job. Also ensure that you mention all other related job openings.

8. Post the job online for the audience

Consider use of search engine optimization tricks to make your job a top search result for the job seekers. To enable easier search, include keywords that are relevant, watch your abbreviation and also make a track of your results.

9. Seek for a second opinion

Consult with others in your company about the posting and get extra feedback later from your supervisors or coworkers.

10. Spread the word

This is by conducting a sanity check by asking yourself some questions on the job. Then post it online on multiple sites to get results with minimal effort.
And don’t forget to spread the word on social media as well. To do that, you can use social media posting software, which is good for posting on several channels at once. Check out our article for tool comparison and examples to find the right one for you!


Your job advert is the ideal magnet that attracts the best and potential job seekers to you. Using the above tips about posting a job on Linkedin will be the best opportunity to attract the best job seekers out there.

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