10 Pinterest Tips That Will Improve Your Visibility


Today social media is a tool that any business can not be without! Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are examples of high traffic social media outlets. Today we focus on the most visual social media network: Pinterest. Below are 10 Pinterest tips to get more noticed on this social media outlet.

10 Pinterest Tips That Will Improve Your Visibility


1. Post unique content

Nothing catches the eyes of views more then something they never seen before. If its a n image, article, or a product, make sure its one of kind and appealing to your audience. If people like it they will pin it and your product will be shared with more and more people.

2. Attract more followers

Just like on Instagram and Twitter, people can follow other people’s Pinterest accounts. They are notified when the account posts new content. By building up your followers you give your self the ability to spread your content quicker and easier.

3. Target your keywords

This falls a little more under SEO but it is a vital part of any online endeavor. It’s no surprise you can work on the keyword targeting into Pinterest posts. Be sure not to forget about adding keywords into the description. This will bring your Pinterest page higher in ranks for the specific keywords used. High rankings mean more people can find you. Not to mention higher ranks mean higher value to backlinks.

4. Build Backlinks

The same way search engines take account for how many outside links lead to your site, Pinterest works the same. Users can insert links into post content and captions. When someone pins or shares your posts that post will become a new backlink. Giving your site a nice SEO boost. Also your content gets extra exposure every time someone pins it.

5. Optimize your profile

Use your face or your company icon, avoid using anything that’s not real, like cartoons or animals, unless they are directly connected to what your saying. Have a relevant and specific description of who you are and what you offering. In this give indication to what type of information you have to share.

6. Post a few times a day

This is something that is a must. If you can only post once a day, at the very least you want to post Morning-mid afternoon to get the best exposure of your posts. Remember it is very easy to over do it, so keep it simple, fresh ideas can wait till the next day.

7. Follow back

Nothing seals a bond like a follow back. If you told someone you liked them and they just kept walking, you would be most likely offended and never tell that person you like them again. The same works in the online world. If someone takes the time to follow you, take the time to follow them back. A simple follow back has much more impact and benefits you much more then you not doing anything at all.

8. Follow the rules

Every social media outlet has its own set of rules. Be aware of them and don’t break them. Many times the consequences of breaking the rules is account suspension. After so much work put into it, you don’t want that to happen.

9. Be patient

Building up a reputation takes time. Don’t be swayed with short cuts that can lead to rule breaking or unethical practices. Buying followers just to show you have many is not worth it. Its not about how many followers you have, its about the quality of follows you have.

10. Promote your Pinterest account with other social media platforms

Pinterest can sync with other very popluar social media platforms, take advantage of this. Contests are also better handled this way. The more reach you have the better you will be able to promote your topic.
I hope these 10 Pinterest tips will help you to start or make your Pinterest page more attractive and interesting for your followers. If you have any other Pinterest tips that worked better for your Pinterest page, please share them below.

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