Adi Domocos – C.E.O & Founder

Adi is the Founder of Hot in Social Media. After working for several years in different international companies from Marketing Manager to Country Manager, he decided to launch a site in a field that he really loves: Social Media Marketing. He’s a social guy who tries to help and cheer up those around him. You can follow him on the social channels below but you must have some clever thing to say …if you want his reply.

Reginald Chan – Regular Contributor

Reginald is a regular writer for He is a professional consultant focusing on web development, online marketing and he is also the founder for Success Ground.

Rob Sutter – Regular Contributor

Rob graduated from Farmingdale State College with a bachelor’s degree in professional communications. He currently works for an online marketing firm in Bohemia, NY. Outside of social media activity, Rob is an avid gamer and professional wrestling enthusiast.

Kristina Petrick – Regular Contributor

Kristina is a content writer at Aumcore Digital marketing agency, she is passionate about creating relationships and experiences between brands and consumers through storytelling and creative media. Her years of experience working in the industries of fashion, social media, and marketing stem from both branded and agency background, alongside her own successful lifestyle blog.


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